Die Unternehmensberatung BeraterAsociados © bietet integrale Lösungen in den Bereichen Organisation, Leitung, Projektsteuerung und Unternehmensführung an
BeraterAsociados © es una empresa dedicada a la consultoría empresarial que ofrece soluciones integrales en organización, dirección, proyección, y gestión de empresas
The consultancy BeraterAsociados is a company dedicated to company consultancy which offers integrated solutions in organization, leadership, projection and business management
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The implementations of Berater Asociados© work methodology depends on the service rendered and the particularity of each company. Our team does not work with standardized schemes and unmovable methodologies.

The construction and implementation of each solution is centred in a specific methodology, personalized and innovative. With the assumed explanations, we will explain in overall the elements which comprise our work methodology. These elements are:

a.- Knowledge of each company’s reality through data gathering; observing the work dynamics; executing tasks, in the definition of the improvement expectations in Their respective work areas; and in their speeches and pertinent interviews among others.

Consequently, a revision and analysis on all the written or existing materials is performed, in order to complement information which may be useful in our work areas. Based in all the information gathered, the pertinent business diagnosis will be carried out.

b.- Elaboration of the diagnosis. The diagnosis is elaborated in a detailed way, clearly expressing the results and adequate recommendations. There is also a methodology in this elaboration as well as some flexible techniques. It is important to mention that the diagnosis may only be ignored when the purpose is implementing specific actions which are clearly defined by the Company’s management.

c.- In function of the elements acquired by the diagnosis, the recommended solutions are translated into the business reality or improvement proposals. The actions to be performed will be formalized through a consultancy project consisting in a “professional services proposal”.

After the acceptance of the professional services proposal, we therefore proceed to plan the works our shareholders will develop. Naturally, this is made jointly with the direction of the company or with your appointed team. In the “work program” the different works will be detailed and all the aspects of the project will be specified.

The advance and monitoring of the project is followed by the “periodical reports” which will result from the visits to the company. These reports reflect the progress and advances of our service.

d.- Upon terminations of the implantation and implementation of the proposed solutions, the “closing reports” will be prepared. They contain the clear expressions of the interventions in the offered service. Finally, the “presentation and exposition of the final report” to the company’s management.

It is important to mention that each company has certain particularities which must be considered when implanting and implementing a solution. Therefore, the methodological flexibility is very important. In fact, we adapt to the “In Situ” needs of each company.
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