Die Unternehmensberatung BeraterAsociados © bietet integrale Lösungen in den Bereichen Organisation, Leitung, Projektsteuerung und Unternehmensführung an
BeraterAsociados © es una empresa dedicada a la consultoría empresarial que ofrece soluciones integrales en organización, dirección, proyección, y gestión de empresas
The consultancy BeraterAsociados is a company dedicated to company consultancy which offers integrated solutions in organization, leadership, projection and business management
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The consultancy “BeraterAsociados“ offers integrated solutions in the areas of organization, leadership, and project and business management.

We do an innovative and professional work of company consultancy without any intermediaries and with direct, personalized and integral assistance. We are not a company which commercializes consultancy services. Our shareholders assume directly each project.

Who are we

Our work team is integrated by highly prepared professionals, qualified, efficient, and with contrasted experience in the ambit and dynamic of the business management, consultancy and university teaching. The services we offer are high quality and at reasonable costs.

As professionals, we have our intellectual capital and the handling of business management tools, whereupon we contribute added value to our clients.

The designed solutions are framed within each company’s needs. Our consultancies are characterized by the transmission of knowledge, and by the fulfillment of the terms agreed while accomplishing every solution. We are facilitators for the high management decision taking or management organisms.
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